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Since New Teeth Dental Solutions opened, it has been our privilege to serve our patients with reliable medical information and the latest in dental technology, all while keeping you thrilled with our compassionate care.

In keeping with our goal of providing a large variety of oral care treatments and dental health procedures, we are now offering free consultations for Invisalign clear braces! We know it can be scary to make such a huge decision, especially when an Invisalign treatment isn’t cheap. Our consultations will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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What Is Invisalign?

You might have heard of the innovative Invisalign process before. It has helped millions of Americans discover their ideal smile. It is often referred to as Invisalign clear braces commercially, though many in the dental profession call them “clear aligners.”

Invisalign clear braces are an increasingly popular way to correct the most common orthodontic issues dentists encounter. They are a great alternative to the traditional “metal mouth” braces. And it is clear as Invisalign why that’s the case!

The innovative Invisalign clear braces are made from trademarked, medical grade polymers. They are nearly undetectable, painless, won’t disrupt your speech, and work faster than wire-and-bracket braces.

Do I Need a Consultation?

At New Teeth Dental Solutions, we know that each patient is entrusting us with their oral health when selecting our practice, and our incredible team of dental professionals does everything they can to ensure your trust is well placed.

One of the most effective ways to do so is by scheduling a consultation. During this appointment, you will get to meet with one of our incredible dentists so we can discuss your goals and expectation of the planned treatment.

The process of creating Invisalign clear braces is highly analytical and requires extreme precision. A consultation is one of the key elements in our process to provide you with a completely unique and personalized Invisalign treatment plan.

We provide a FREE consultation for Invisalign because we want you to have all the information you need to feel confident with our service, and the appointment gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your smile.

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Consultation Process

An Invisalign consultation is all about you. What are your needs, financial concerns, and concerns? During the consultation, you will have an opportunity to express all of that, and receive well-explained answers.

You and one of our dedicated dentists begin to have a discussion to determine if Invisalign clear braces are right for you. This conversation covers topics like your current dental health, any medications you are taking, the orthodontic issues that need addressing, and your expectations with the treatment.

If you have been deemed healthy enough for dental appliances, and you feel comfortable enough to proceed with the treatment, then congratulations! You are now officially a candidate for the innovative Invisalign clear braces, and we can move on to the next step.

The Planning Process

X-Rays: If we are going to correct any crooked teeth or adjust any jaw-related issues, we need to take some x-rays of your mouth to see exactly what we’re working with. New Teeth Dental Solutions wants to provide you with only the most accurate and comprehensive results no matter what treatment you are receiving.

Our practice is outfitted with not only digital x-rays, but a Dental Cone Beam CT to allow 3D x-rays and an in-house digital scanner. With these advanced tools, we can take very accurate pictures of your mouth and accurately assess what issues need to be addressed.

Digital Impressions: Along with this, we will also take digital impressions of your teeth for us to design your individual Invisalign aligner trays from. The digital impressions are a more detailed type of scan that we can send directly to the Invisalign labs as a blueprint for your aligners.

This way, we avoid the sticky putty-based impressions that other braces and mail-order aligners are based off. Additionally, digital impressions are much more accurate than putty impressions.

Get Your FREE Invisalign Consultation!

New Teeth Dental Solutions has always been committed to meeting your dental healthcare needs. With our FREE Invisalign clear braces consultation to provide you with your ideal smile, why wait? Contact our office today!

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