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Invisalign Clear Braces for Teens

You don’t become an established practice like New Teeth Dental Solutions with only clinical experience; you need compassion and understanding as well. We can appreciate that the adolescent ages can be full of turmoil as life introduces so many new changes in school, social life, and responsibilities.

If you have a teen in your life, we certainly don’t need to tell you how hectic things can get. That is why our office is happy to offer at least one way to simplify an aspect of your teen’s life: Invisalign clear braces.

Not only is the Invisalign system perfect for wearing braces subtly, but they are extremely easy to take care of. For mom and dad, that is a huge blessing because many of the complications or expensive repairs that come with metal braces are caused by misuse and improper care.

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What Issues Can Invisalign Clear Braces Resolve for Teenagers?

If you have a teen under your roof, it hardly needs saying that you can hardly blink without them growing an inch. These physical changes are also taking place where it concerns their dental health.

As your teen’s mouth and jaw grow and develop, it is easier for Invisalign aligners to “guide” misaligned teeth to a proper and healthier position. Invisalign can fix many alignment conditions including:

  • Diastema: Also known as “gap tooth,” where there are spaces between your teeth. This can cause problems with the bite.
  • Dental Crowding: When there isn’t enough space along the jaw, the teeth begin to grow out of line, which creates a painful, jagged smile.
  • Crooked Teeth: Sometimes teeth come in crooked or twisted. This creates unattractive gaps and food can easily get stuck in the spaces and cause more problems.
  • Malocclusion: Or “protruding teeth” is caused when there is misalignment in the teeth when the jaw is closed. This can make chewing and speaking difficult.
  • Underbites: When the jaw is closed, the bottom teeth jut out in front of the top teeth. This can lead to problems with chewing such as TMD.
  • Overbites: The opposite of an underbite. The upper jaw hangs severely over the lower jaw, making it difficult to chew.

No matter the condition of your teen’s mouth, Invisalign can help. If your adolescent is healthy enough for traditional braces, and is interested in having a discreet and quicker alternative to traditional braces, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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What Benefits Do Invisalign Clear Braces Offer Teens?

The innovative dental technology that is the Invisalign system has helped millions of Americans achieve their ideal smile. While it can benefit nearly anyone looking to straighten their teeth or resolve common orthodontic issues like overbites, it also provides key benefits that are of particular interest to teens.

  • Nearly undetectable: When Invisalign clear braces say clear, they mean it! Made from patented, medical-grade polymers, when your teen places the corrective dental trays (the clear braces) over their teeth, they basically vanish. This makes sure the Invisalign clear braces won’t be a distraction at any social gathering or in the classroom.
  • No interfering with speech: A common fear with traditional braces is how they disrupt speech and pronunciation. The Invisalign system is designed to make sure your teen can continue their day-to-day life without any interruption, so there is no need to worry about any interference with speech.
  • Quicker results: Invisalign clear braces uses in-depth computer analysis to create your teen’s treatment plan, streamlining the process to work much faster than regular braces. Some patients have completed their Invisalign care within 90 days! Teens can get their Invisalign braces during spring semester and be done before next school year starts!
  • Easily removable: A teenager’s life is full of change and activities, and some of these aren’t meant for dental appliances. But that’s something the Invisalign system has accounted for by making their clear braces completely removable. Your teen can easily slip the aligners off for football practice!
  • No dietary restrictions: Perhaps one of the hardest parts of traditional braces for teens is keeping track of the dietary restrictions. It seems just about every type of food is off-limits because it will throw the brackets and wire adjustment off. Invisalign is removable, so there aren’t any can or can’t rules when it comes to food.

As you can see, the innovative Invisalign system has designed their clear braces not only to provide straighter, wonderful smiles that your teen can share with the world, but to ensure that it won’t interfere with their lives as they grow into the person you can’t wait to smile with.

Give Your Teen a Beautiful Smile

Your teen deserves a smile they can wear confidently. At New Teeth Dental Solutions, we work hard to craft a gorgeous smile for all our patients. Our service is fully comprehensive so it meets every patient’s needs.

If it’s time to get your teen braces, give us a call today about Invisalign clear braces. We can’t wait to meet you and your child and adopt you into our dental family.

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