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Why You Shouldn’t Use Mail-Order Aligners

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Because of the popularity of clear aligners in place of braces, many companies sell their own version online. You can order a kit and straighten your teeth from home. Supposedly. They may be cheaper than Invisalign, but mail orders are not all they’re chalked up to be.

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What Are Mail-Order Aligners?

Mail-order aligners have a similar process to Invisalign. They include a series of trays that are intended to straighten and align your teeth. Some companies ask you for impressions, but many don’t, so the aligners are often of generic design.

No dentist sits behind the computer of these mail-order companies. No professional care means all decisions about your orthodontic care are made by you and this marketing company. Don’t sacrifice your oral health, even to save money.

Mail-Order Companies

For those in the dental health professional world, your oral care and wellbeing are the top priorities no matter what stage of treatment you are currently at. Before, after, or during a procedure, we want to make sure you are calm, comfortable, and confident in the care you are receiving.

This is not the case with the mail-order dental aligners, as they often care only about profit.

You will likely never personally meet an individual from a mail-order aligner company. Their advertisements state that this is for your convenience, but in reality, this is a sales tactic. The reason why they are able to sell their product so cheaply is because they do not have dedicated professionals to oversee proper orthodontic care to make sure your aligners are properly managed.

Many of these companies claim to work with dental professionals, but this can be misleading. Few clarify which dentists work with them, and even if they do, without face-to-face interaction, the quality of care you receive will plummet. In fact, the quality of care some of these mail-order aligners customers received was so poor they actually caused dental damage.

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Consequences of Mail-Order Aligners

Can mail-order aligners really cause damage? This question has been posted on a few internet forums because they believe that if mail-order aligners correct misaligned teeth and provide some results, this should be considered a positive.

Be careful about this line of thinking! Mail-order aligners work off a single bite mold that you send in through the mail (hence the name) and they construct your new smile from there. This can have devastating consequences if their lab misinterprets your bite or if one of your teeth shifts unexpectedly during the aligning process.

With ordinary dental appliance practices such as traditional braces or the Invisalign system, you go to your dentist for regular checkups to monitor your progress. This allows adjustments to be made, no matter how slight, to ensure that your teeth will be straight and your smile will be the one you’ve always wanted.

Again, mail order aligner companies are just that: companies. Once they have sold a product, their end of the obligation is over.

Thanks to misinterpretations of lab technicians, changes in customer’s dental needs, and misleading information, severe dental damage, including tooth loss, has been reported by some mail-order aligner users, and many lawsuits have been filed against these companies.

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